Reiji Hiramatsu is a painter who continues to challenge himself to create innovative "Japanese paintings" by making full use of traditional Japanese painting techniques and expression styles. At the beginning of the production, in search of the location of "Japanese beauty", I traveled to Korea, China, Taiwan, India, Southeast Asia, and even New York to gather information about the history, culture, art, and lives of the people living there. I have had the experience of feeling it first hand.

In 1977 , he began producing the "Paths" series, which became his life's work, and produced one after another, including works depicting Japan's seasonal natural beauty, the scenic beauty of domestic and international reporting locations, and the buildings of Tokyo and New York. We will make an announcement on. In 1994 , when he visited Paris for a solo exhibition, he encountered Monet's "Water Lilies" at the Musée de l'Orangerie and was deeply shocked. Since then, I have followed in Monet's footsteps in search of the origins of Japonism, and while facing the same motifs as Monet, I have set myself the challenge of how to convey the appeal of the Japanese paintings I have been working on to people around the world. 

Afterwards, while continuing to study Japonism, which fascinated Impressionist painters, he established a unique, gorgeous, modern painting style centered on the traditions of Japanese painting. In 2021 , he will be awarded the Chevalier of the French Government's Order of Arts and Letters in recognition of his "constant dialogue with Monet's works." He is currently preparing for exhibitions at museums in Japan and abroad, and his future activities are attracting more and more attention.

Reiji Hiramatsu《Pond of Sunset - Water Lilies Overture》  2011  180 x 420 cm  Collection of Impressionist Museum at Giverny