Fresco + Giclee technology

 "Giclee " in "Fresco Giclee " is the name of a new printmaking technique for modern artists, following lithography in the 19th century and silkscreening in the 20th century. The main difference between the giclée technique, which means "spraying" in French, and traditional printmaking techniques is that the image is created without using a block. Since its development in the 1980s , the giclée technique has undergone repeated trial and error, and now famous artists around the world are creating giclée works. The reason many artists choose giclée is because of its high reproducibility. The original image is converted into data using a high-definition scanner, undergoes image processing that requires advanced technology, and is then completed into a work using a special pigment-based inkjet printer. Using the latest printing technology, which ranges from the analog technique of copying a block onto paper to digital printing, we are able to create new forms of painting expression that go beyond reproductions of original paintings.

The "fresco" in "Fresco Giclee" comes from the frescoes known as paintings from the Italian Renaissance period. As you know, fresco is a painting technique that uses chemical changes in plaster and lime to paint on walls, but its greatest feature is that once the pigment has settled, it can maintain its color for hundreds of years. This thin film creates a sturdy screen that is resistant to water. Michelangelo's The Last Judgment and Raphael's The School of Athens, painted about 500 years ago, prove this.

 "Fresco Giclee" is a technique that revives fresco in modern times by making it into a sheet using the latest technology. It achieves the "natural, deep colors " and "long-term shelf life " that are unique to Fresco. The stucco sheet " that introduced the "fresco technique "to modern artists has been patented in Japan and other European countries. According to experimental data, it is said that the color will not fade for over 100 years. The highly durable fresco giclee works can be displayed anywhere. You can easily display and enjoy it in your living room, office, store, etc.