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The pinnacle of printing technology - Frescograph

"Frescograph" is a printing technology developed by combining the classic fresco painting method, a newly developed special 3D technique, and the latest inkjet printing technology. The process is to apply a special modeling paste that creates the thickness of the paint and the unevenness of the brush strokes onto a highly durable plaster sheet, which is also used in Fresco Giclee. Next, a pigment-based ink containing mica and chalk (calcium carbonate) is mixed for each work, and the resulting ink is printed out using a dedicated digital printer to complete the "frescograph."

”Frescograph” perfectly expresses the unique colors and textures of gold and mineral pigments, which are difficult to achieve using traditional printmaking techniques. This characteristic is the main reason why Japanese painter Reiji Hiramatsu uses the "frescograph."

"Frescograph” is a fusion of traditional Renaissance techniques and the latest digital technology. Please enjoy the world of Hiramatsu's works with high-quality premium prints.

*Production of each "Frescograph" begins by mixing the ink after receiving your order. Therefore, we require approximately 8 weeks of production time before delivery. Please note.