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Reiji Hiramatsu “Spring and Autumn Water Lily” (FGC)

Reiji Hiramatsu “Spring and Autumn Water Lily” (FGC)

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◎The production of "Fresco Giclee" begins with mixing the ink for each item after receiving your order. Therefore, please allow 8 weeks for production before delivery.

◎For orders from outside Japan, the item will be delivered in an unframed sheet . However, shipping charges are free . Thank you in advance for your understanding.

[Work explanation]

In Giverny, France, the final home of Impressionist Claude Monet, there is a large garden created by him. The beautiful water lily pond in the garden is famous for being the motif of Monet's masterpiece Water Lilies series. The water in this pond comes from the Epte River, a tributary of the Seine, and is then discharged back into the Seine. The clear water of the pond that never stagnates creates a beautiful water mirror that reflects the rich nature of each season in the garden.
This work, born from a sketch of a garden in Giverny, captures the spring and autumn scenes of a water lily pond in a single painting. Following the Rimpa style, the center of the painting is divided by a widening curved surface made of water lily flowers and leaves. The right side of the screen depicts a tall autumn river with brightly colored autumn leaves, while the left side depicts the gentle beginning of spring with cherry blossom rafts covering the water surface. This style of depicting nature in different seasons in a single painting is often seen in traditional Japanese paintings.

・Technique = fresco giclee
・Signed = Signed on the edition
・Edition = ED100  (ED number written on the bottom left of the screen)
・Supervision = Reiji Hiramatsu

・Production = RH STUDIO

*Includes a work certificate by Reiji Hiramatsu himself

*RH STUDIO publication certificate hologram sticker affixed to the back of the sheet

[About customs duty]
Customs duties may apply when using international shipping. Customs duties are normally the responsibility of the consignee. The presence, amount, and payment method of customs duties will vary depending on the customs office of the receiving country, so we are unable to inform you of these in advance. Thank you in advance for your understanding .

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