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Reiji Hiramatsu “Giverny Spring Banquet” (FGR)

Reiji Hiramatsu “Giverny Spring Banquet” (FGR)

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◎Production of each "Frescograph" starts from mixing the ink after receiving your order. Therefore, please allow 8 weeks for production before delivery.

◎For orders from outside Japan, the item will be delivered in an unframed sheet . However, shipping charges are free . Thank you in advance for your understanding.

[Work explanation]
When Monet created a garden in Giverny, he built a drum bridge over a pond, modeled after Japanese ukiyo-e prints. A wisteria trellis is set up above the Taiko Bridge, and in spring, beautiful purple wisteria flowers bloom as if decorating the Taiko Bridge from above.
This work depicts a wisteria vine with many small purple flowers in the foreground, weeping downward from the top of the screen. In the background, the water surface of the pond is abstracted by the golden water mirror and the pattern of blue sea waves. A stylized swallow is placed in the middle ground to connect these two disparate spaces (=layers). Swallows are often depicted in classical Japanese literature and in ukiyo-e, and their beautiful flight in the air (= swallow return) is a popular motif in ukiyo-e.

・Technique = Frescograph
・Sign = Stamp Sign
・Edition = ED 100 of each size 
(ED number written on the back of the sheet)
・Supervision = Reiji Hiramatsu
・Production = RH STUDIO

*Comes with a certificate of work by Reiji Hiramatsu himself.
* RH STUDIO issue proof hologram sticker pasted on the back of the seat

[About customs duty]
Customs duties may apply when using international shipping. Customs duties are normally the responsibility of the consignee. The presence, amount, and payment method of customs duties will vary depending on the customs office of the receiving country, so we are unable to inform you of these in advance. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
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